Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Mentor: Zari Banks

She is gentle as the blanket of stars,
She is witty as the funny comics in the entertainment
Section of the news paper.
She is gracious who takes life the way it can be.
She is an inspiration to me.
She sings and walks the book of Psalms.
She met me when I was down.
She never turned away from me, but only when I wouldn’t
Listen to her.
She always prays when I am in trouble.
She gives me advice and comforts my soul.
She is chasing her dreams and never lets anything get in her way.
I have been grateful to meet her-
I started to write again, opening my word art.
She is my mentor, the one who is achieving, got me believing
That I am almost in victory.
She is a great author and friend
I want to say thank you my sister and friend.
You’re the sweetest woman I have met.
I love my mentor Zari banks
Bless you and so many thanks!

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